The AWG philosophy

a community for everyone, taking gaming to the next level


The concept for Anzu’s War Games began back in 2009 when ArmA 2 had just been released. It started out as just one ArmA 2 server, made for like-minded gamers, and a small group of friends.  Anzu and Tactical_Force worked together to foster a community that was based on providing a fun, exciting, and friendly environment for all to enjoy.  Over time, more and more players began playing on our servers, and our community began to grow.

Teaming up talented scripters and mission designers like Superxpdude and JT, we started creating more custom missions, such as AWG Evolution.  Eventually we grew into a pretty decent sized ArmA community, with something for every style of gameplay.  We also hosted DayZ Mod servers which grew to become some of the most popular servers during the ArmA 2 modding days, thanks to innovative customization done by the AWG dev team.  We’ve hosted everything from Minecraft to Squad, and even Counter-Strike and ARK, and will continue to expand into other games as desired by our community members!  We have fast pings and fun times, so come on by sometime for a game!

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